From: Peter Hickman on
You could set up a chat server (using the link given earlier or
written with event machine - a very nice gem with good examples
including a chat server if I recall correctly).

Then have a small javascript widget on your site to talk to the char server.

When you connect to the chat server it will create a persistent
connection to hold the state of the conversation.

So first write an Eliza class (or use an existing one) which has a
new, chat and quit method. The chat method takes the users input as a
string and returns a string. You can write and test this in isolation.

Then hack up a chat server that instantiates an instance of eliza when
a new connection is made, and feed the users input to it. Again this
is a small project and easily testable as all it is is a chat server.

Then you need a javascript widget to handle the chat (google for one
or visit a site with a javascript chat option).

Glue said code together.

From: Sniper Abandon on
that is exactly what i want .
thanks Brian and Peter
i thing i did not ask my question clearly (sorry for that)

thanks to all

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