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>> I need to add an animation to my website. But it's not transparent.
>> So, I opened up JASC Animation Shop - imported my animation. But
>> couldn't understand how to do it. I tried the help files - just my
>> luck ...
>> the software says - hekp file not found.
>> So, I tried online search - even youtube. I can't find anything!
>> Can someone who knows JASC Animation Shop - please walk me
>> through the process of making a .gif animation transparent in
>> JASC Animation Shop.
>> I would appreciate this so much ... Thanks!
>> Paris
>I don't use that program, but I think all your layers have to be
>transparent as well.
>This really isn't on topic for this group - crossposted and follow-ups
>set to

Hi, it's actually quite easy, but it's knowing how to do it, I

Now one thing that may be a problem is that I have a very old Jasc
Animation Shop (JAS) so don't know if that'll be a problem but we can
try it anyway and see.

You open up your image in JAS. Then you click on the flood fill
bucket. The "trick", as it were, is to be sure you then tick the box
a little bit up and to that right that says "To canvas color".

Once that's ticked, click on the parts of the image you wish to make
transparent and it will erase all colour and leave that colour
transparent with the typical grey-white transparency checkberboard

If you click and don't get the transparency checkerboard but get a
weird colour, that means there's a setting you have to change. In my
JAS version, it's done by clicking:

ANIMATION > ANIMATION PROPERTIES and making sure the "Transparent"
option is ticked and not the "Opaque" one under the first tab, named
"Canvas Color". Once you do that, all that you made transparent
before shows up in the box(es) as transparent. (At the same time,
while there, I make sure that the other tab, called "Looping" has the
"Repeat the animation indefinitely" box is ticked and not the finite
looping one which stops after so many frames.)

Re erasing the colour, unlike PSP, I don't know how to do this
globally, I just click on all the colours that I want to remove. The
eraser also does the same, it will remove colour.

Good luck and hope this helps.