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Not quite async XMLHttpRequest
I naively assumed that a call to an XMLHttpRequest with async = true would lead to the program continuing to run after the ..send() action, i.e. the next line of code executed would be the one after .send() and the program would continue to run to the end before any data reception callback would be executed. The... 14 Feb 2010 07:21
The (function (){ })(); Constructor
I found the library with this constructor below. I would like to understand why is it used like this: within (function(){})(); constructor and no var declaration for SomeGlobalVar variable. What are the advantages and what does it mean? SomeGlobalVar = (function () { //code here })(); ... 13 Feb 2010 04:57
wordpress and modal commentary window
Please sorry if to wrong group. Please point to right. I think my task is mostly JavaScript. Question: I want not comment input form there on Wordpress window but in modal window. Like I see text "Submit commentary", click on and see commentary modal window. Then can enter commentary. Anybody know solution? ... 12 Feb 2010 13:26
My Library TaskSpeed tests updated
I've updated the TaskSpeed test functions to improve performance. This necessitated some minor additions (and one change) to the OO interface as well. I am pretty happy with the interface at this point, so will set about properly documenting it in the near future. 23 Feb 2010 15:50
Presentation of a new native JavaScript database
Hi, I made a Post called "NoSQL but so much more" on our blog describing how our NoSQL data store change the way data are accessible and usable, and how Wakanda intends to do it. It use SFX (the Safari webkit JavaScript core) as interface. The post has been intentionally written with the less technical detail... 25 Feb 2010 03:40
QSA--buggy in lots of browsers?
Having recently added an experimental QSA add-on for My Library, I have been warned that QSA is a bear cross-browser. I don't doubt that, but the other assertion was that the "major" libraries have it beat (likely in the same way they "beat" DOM traversal). I suppose to determine if it is buggy, you have to have... 15 Feb 2010 17:44
Java Lead with GUI & SWT | CA | 10+ months
Role: Java Lead with GUI & SWT Location: CA Duration: 10+ Months Should be able to design, develop, debug programs independently and mentor others. SWT:Evolution, Features, Advantages and disadvantages, Overview of Architecture, Platform support, Set up, SWT controls, Events, Listeners, Some controls in... 10 Feb 2010 12:14
NinjaTrader 6.5 Torrent -
~complete details at Principles of Corporate Finance download Rob Booker - Strategy 10 download Technical Analysis for Long-term Investors download Technical Indicators, Candlesticks and Chart Patterns download The Volatility Index download Trading as a business download Trading... 9 Feb 2010 13:57
Hi, I have a need to get the HTML code (and its state). I was thinking of doing a var e = document.getElementById("formName"); This will get a dom but not the html. 1. Is there an easy way to convert it to html? 2. Is there a better way to get the html with state? MC ... 9 Feb 2010 20:48
How to handle special character in javascript
Hello, How to handle special character in javascript. Regards, Tushar ... 9 Feb 2010 16:15
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