From: T. Heslenfeld on
My new photo book 'Hot - Life in the Australian outback'
( just came out. 'Hot' is the follow-up to 'Cold -
Sailing to Antarctica' ( I am now looking for daily
newspapers, websites, blogs and /or online magazines that may be interested
in a review or feature on the book(s).

I am specifically looking for publications and reviewers that focus on
photography, art or travel (or a combination) and I am especially interested
in the UK, German, US and Australian markets right now. My books are
available worldwide from the books websites but also from,, and other int. bookshops.

Any advice on reviewers, websites, publications etc. that may be interested
is welcome, either here or via e-mail.

Thanks in advance,

T. Heslenfeld
The Netherlands
office at skipthis thijsheslenfeld dot com