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Venom wrote:

> It amazes me that not one of you think that Win98SE is the problem.

Agree that Win98SE is a problem, but, I do not think that Shadow is
having issues with this OS per se. Quake 3 works fine, and from what I
gather, other than games, system is running OK.

Looks like Win98 is well supported on this board--lots of drivers for it
on Asus's web site.

2800 Sempron is a pretty good CPU; upgrade to decent dedicated graphics
card might do wonders. On board graphics can be abysmally slow.

Since it is a new build, would recommend a complete reinstall of the OS.

Also, Shadow, do you have instructions on the best install order?

Taken from a web site that I cannot find (and thus properly credit)
right now:

Re: order to install
It's called "layering" your software and is pretty much based on two
things: Importance of the software and permanence of the software.

1. Windows
2. Service Packs
3. CPU and Motherboard Drivers (Chipset Drivers)
4. DirectX
5. Sound and Video Drivers
6. Other Peripherals (USB, NIC's, etc)
7. Windows Security Patches and Updates

After that would be the most important or most permanent applications
before the less important software or software that is more likely to be

And might I add one thing (obvious to some, not to others)
During format/clean install.
The only thing plugged into mobo should be hard drive, rom drive, video
card, mouse and key board. (floppy drive if you need it)

I personally prefer to leave all PCI/AGP cards in during a fresh
install. Provided they are in the right slot and you have disabled their
relevant onboard counterparts, there should be no issue there. However,
taking out any spare hard drives reduces the risk of a botched install.