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[PATCH 16/35] workqueue: implement per-cwq active work limit
Add cwq->nr_active, cwq->max_active and cwq->delayed_work. nr_active counts the number of active works per cwq. A work is active if it's flushable (colored) and is on cwq's worklist. If nr_active reaches max_active, new works are queued on cwq->delayed_work and activated later as works on the cwq complete and de... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 24/35] workqueue: implement WQ_NON_REENTRANT
With gcwq managing all the workers and work->data pointing to the last gcwq it was on, non-reentrance can be easily implemented by checking whether the work is still running on the previous gcwq on queueing. Implement it. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj(a)> --- include/linux/workqueue.h | 1 + kernel/... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 08/35] workqueue: define masks for work flags and conditionalize STATIC flags
Work flags are about to see more traditional mask handling. Define WORK_STRUCT_*_BIT as the bit position constant and redefine WORK_STRUCT_* as bit masks. Also, make WORK_STRUCT_STATIC_* flags conditional While at it, re-define these constants as enums and use WORK_STRUCT_STATIC instead of hard-coding 2 in WO... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 31/35] workqueue: implement high priority workqueue
This patch implements high priority workqueue which can be specified with WQ_HIGHPRI flag on creation. A high priority workqueue has the following properties. * A work queued to it is queued at the head of the worklist of the respective gcwq after other highpri works, while normal works are always appended ... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 28/35] workqueue: increase max_active of keventd and kill current_is_keventd()
Define WQ_MAX_ACTIVE and create keventd with max_active set to half of it which means that keventd now can process upto WQ_MAX_ACTIVE / 2 - 1 works concurrently. Unless some combination can result in dependency loop longer than max_active, deadlock won't happen and thus it's unnecessary to check whether current_is... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 02/35] ivtv: use kthread_worker instead of workqueue
Upcoming workqueue updates will no longer guarantee fixed workqueue to worker kthread association, so giving RT priority to the irq worker won't work. Use kthread_worker which guarantees specific kthread association instead. This also makes setting the priority cleaner. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj(a)> ... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 07/35] workqueue: merge feature parameters into flags
Currently, __create_workqueue_key() takes @singlethread and @freezeable paramters and store them separately in workqueue_struct. Merge them into a single flags parameter and field and use WQ_FREEZEABLE and WQ_SINGLE_THREAD. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj(a)> --- include/linux/workqueue.h | 25 +++++++++... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
[PATCH 35/35] pcrypt: use HIGHPRI and CPU_INTENSIVE workqueues for padata
pcrypt padata works are cpu intensive and shouldn't affect or be affected by workqueue concurrency management. Allocate padata workqueues with WQ_HIGHPRI and WQ_CPU_INTENSIVE flags set. Now that creating workqueues doesn't cost that much and less direct manipulation of workers is allowed, it might make sense to ... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
Expose vendor-specific ACM channel on Nokia 5230
Am Montag, 28. Juni 2010, 22:29:34 schrieb Przemo Firszt: Nokia S60 phones expose two ACM channels. The first is a modem, the second is 'vendor-specific' but is treated as a serial device at the S60 end, so we want to expose it on Linux too. I see. We want to expose it. But do we want to expose it as... 30 Jun 2010 10:52
[PATCH 4/4] HID: picolcd: implement refcounting of framebuffer
As our device may be hot-unplugged and framebuffer cannot handle this case by itself we need to keep track of usage count so as to release fb_info and framebuffer memory only after the last user has closed framebuffer. We need to do the freeing in a scheduled work as fb_release() is called with fb_info lock held... 28 Jun 2010 17:16
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