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hwmon/mc13783-adc: don't access struct mc13783 directly
On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 12:04:56PM +0200, Samuel Ortiz wrote: Hi Uwe, On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 11:14:18AM +0200, Uwe Kleine-K´┐Żnig wrote: There is a shiny new mc13783 API function that can be used instead. While at it refactor the code a bit to reduce code duplication a bit. This remo... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
[PATCH] perf: expose event__process function
event__process is useful in processing /proc/<pid>/maps. All of the functions that are called from event__process are defined in util/event.c. Though its defined in builtin-top.c, it could be reused for perf probe for uprobes. Hence moving it to util/event.c and exporting the function. Signed-off-by: Srikar Dron... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
cris: gpio: do not call copy_to_user()/copy_from_user() while holding spinlocks
On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 13:33 +0200, Jesper Nilsson wrote: On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 03:32:18PM +0200, Kulikov Vasiliy wrote: copy_to_user()/copy_from_user() must not be used with spinlocks held. Move all cases of interaction with userspace out of global switch and lock spinlocks only where they are nee... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
watchdog: Add watchdog driver for OCTEON SOCs (v2).
Hi David, Ralf, The OCTEON is a MIPS64 based SOC family with an on chip watchdog unit. The driver is split into two source files one for the C code and one for assembly. Assembly is needed to handle the NMI and then print the machine state before the reboot is triggered. v2: Stylistic changes ... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
a Great Idea - include Kademlia networking protocol in kernel
Kademlia protocol is widely used by many p2p applications, if kernel support the Kademlia protocol and its p2p network infrastracture. it will be easier to bring us into a new stage of network with much more freedom and equality. could get public identity on network much more easier, and need not depen... 3 Aug 2010 08:08
Bluetooth disabled after resume
Am Sonntag, 1. August 2010, 15:52:21 schrieb Rafael J. Wysocki: This message has been generated automatically as a part of a summary report of recent regressions. The following bug entry is on the current list of known regressions from 2.6.34. Please verify if it still should be listed and let the trac... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
perf lock: Add new event "lock_acquired_waittime" for contention analysis
On Sun, 2010-08-01 at 14:36 +0900, Hitoshi Mitake wrote: I want to make lockdep production kernel feature with dynamic patching. Not really feasible. Note that enabling lockdep grows the size of spinlock_t (and others) quite significantly. Then there is the problem that you need to pass all tasks through s... 3 Aug 2010 04:54
[RFC PATCH V2] core_pattern: fix long parameters was truncated by core_pattern handler
We met a parameter truncated issue, consider following: echo "|/root/core_pattern_pipe_test %p /usr/libexec/blah-blah-blah \ %s %c %p %u %g 11 12345678901234567890123456789012345678 %t" > \ /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern This is okay because the strings is less than CORENAME_MAX_SIZE. "cat /proc/sys/kernel/core... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
net: Add getsockopt support for TCP thin-streams
On 07/31/2010 01:49 AM, Josh Hunt wrote: Initial TCP thin-stream commit did not add getsockopt support for the new socket options: TCP_THIN_LINEAR_TIMEOUTS and TCP_THIN_DUPACK. This adds support for them. Signed-off-by: Josh Hunt <johunt(a)> --- net/ipv4/tcp.c | 6 ++++++ 1 files ch... 2 Aug 2010 21:21
[116/165] ext4: dont return to userspace after freezing the fs with a mutex held
We have reports about this patch breaking lvm snapshhots. Eric, there is a patch mentioned which is supposed to fix things but its not upstream, yet. Do you know what happened to that? -Stefan PATCH] ext4: fix freeze deadlock under IO Commit 6b0310fbf087ad6 caused a regression resulting in deadlocks when fr... 2 Aug 2010 13:39
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