[PATCH v2] hwmon: driver for TI tmp102 temperature sensor
Hi Steven, On Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:52:17 +0100, Jean Delvare wrote: Hi Steven, On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 20:00:35 -0800, Steven King wrote: Driver for the TI TMP102. Signed-off-by: Steven King <sfking(a)fdwdc.com> --- The TI TMP102 is similar to the lm75. It differs from the lm75 by... 3 Apr 2010 03:57
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[PATCH 0/3][v2] blkio: IO controller stats
The following series implements some additional stats for IO controller. These stats have helped us debug issues with earlier IO controller versions and should be useful now as well. We've been using these stats for monitoring and debugging problems after the fact as these stats can be collected and stored for la... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[PATCH 05a/17] v4l-dvb: update gfp/slab.h includes
From: Tejun Heo <tj(a)kernel.org> Implicit slab.h inclusion via percpu.h is about to go away. Make sure gfp.h or slab.h is included as necessary. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj(a)kernel.org> Cc: Stephen Rothwell <sfr(a)canb.auug.org.au> Cc: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab(a)infradead.org> --- drivers/staging/tm6000/t... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[PATCH 0/4] AMD IOMMU kdump fix plus cleanups (v2)
Series includes the following patches: x86/amd-iommu: enable iommu before attaching devices x86/amd-iommu: warn when issuing command to uninitialized cmd buffer Revert "x86: disable IOMMUs on kernel crash" x86/amd-iommu: use for_each_pci_dev First one is the primary bug fix. v2 - add disable_iommus... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[PATCH 1/4] x86/amd-iommu: enable iommu before attaching devices
Hit another kdump problem as reported by Neil Horman. When initializaing the IOMMU, we attach devices to their domains before the IOMMU is fully (re)initialized. Attaching a device will issue some important invalidations. In the context of the newly kexec'd kdump kernel, the IOMMU may have stale cached data from... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[PATCH 2/4] x86/amd-iommu: warn when issuing command to uninitialized cmd buffer
To catch future potential issues we can add a warning whenever we issue a command before the command buffer is fully initialized. Signed-off-by: Chris Wright <chrisw(a)sous-sol.org> --- Or not...this is just if you think it's useful ;-) arch/x86/include/asm/amd_iommu_types.h | 1 + arch/x86/kernel/amd_iommu... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[PATCH 3/4] Revert "x86: disable IOMMUs on kernel crash"
This effectively reverts commit 61d047be99757fd9b0af900d7abce9a13a337488. Disabling the IOMMU can potetially allow DMA transactions to complete without being translated. Leave it enabled, and allow crash kernel to do the IOMMU reinitialization properly. Cc: Joerg Roedel <joerg.roedel(a)amd.com> Cc: Eric Biederm... 2 Apr 2010 22:35
[RELEASE] LTTng 0.205, 0.206, ltt-control 0.82 for Linux
Hi, Here come the latest LTTng versions, bringing mostly bugfixes: - LTTng 0.205 fixes a kref race in channel teardown vs lttd file open. - LTTng 0.206 marks Immediate Values as BROKEN for PowerPC. Will be replaced by asm goto from mainline eventually anyway, so don't bother looking for the cause of the bu... 2 Apr 2010 21:29
Provide a zero-copy method on KVM virtio-net.
On Fri, 2010-04-02 at 15:25 +0800, xiaohui.xin(a)intel.com wrote: The idea is simple, just to pin the guest VM user space and then let host NIC driver has the chance to directly DMA to it. The patches are based on vhost-net backend driver. We add a device which provides proto_ops as sendmsg/recvmsg to vhost-... 25 Apr 2010 06:35