acpi: map pxms to low node ids
applied thanks, Len Brown, Intel Open Source Technology Center -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo(a) More majordomo info at Please read the FAQ at ... 4 Apr 2010 01:46
Staging: batman-adv: fix whitespace style issues
Luis de Bethencourt wrote: This patch fixes the 32 unnecessary whitespaces before a quoted newline that the batman-adv files had. Thanks. Your patch conflicts with patches waiting to be applied by Greg KH. I will redo your changes for the current and development version and submit them to the b.a.t.m.a.... 3 Apr 2010 22:30
[PATCH] raw: fsync method is now required
Commit 148f948ba877f4d3cdef036b1ff6d9f68986706a (vfs: Introduce new helpers for syncing after writing to O_SYNC file or IS_SYNC inode) broke the raw driver. We now call through generic_file_aio_write -> generic_write_sync -> vfs_fsync_range. vfs_fsync_range has: if (!fop || !fop->fsync) { ... 3 Apr 2010 21:25
A few questions and issues with dynticks, NOHZ and powertop
Hey! Before I'm off hiding some Easter eggs, here are some questions and issues related to "dynticks", NOHZ, and powertop: 1) single-CPU systems, SMP-capable kernel and RCU 2) dual-core CPU[*] and select_nohz_load_balancer() 3) USB, autosuspend failure, excessive ticks 4) SynPS/2 touchpad and hundreds of IRQ... 6 Apr 2010 17:34
[PATCH 2/4] panic: Add taint flag TAINT_FIRMWARE_WORKAROUND ('I')
This taint flag will initially be used when warning about invalid ACPI DMAR tables. Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <ben(a)> --- Changes since the previous version: - Added note to Documentation/oops-tracing.txt Ben. Documentation/oops-tracing.txt | 3 +++ include/linux/kernel.h | ... 3 Apr 2010 14:50
Ptrace : reading process user area, stack size etc
Hi I am trying to read the stack size from user area for processes which I am ptracing, for some reason the stack is being reported as ffffffff. This is how I am trying read the stack size, using struct user from sys/user.h, I am on x86, stack_size = ptrace (PTRACE_PEEKUSER, getpid(), offsetof (struct user,... 3 Apr 2010 14:50
laptop-mode: Make flushes per-device
On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 01:21:35PM -0500, Matthew Garrett wrote: One of the features of laptop-mode is that it forces a writeout of dirty pages if something else triggers a physical read or write from a device. The current implementation flushes pages on all devices, rather than only the one that triggered ... 6 Apr 2010 08:34
[RFC] Multiboot2 drafting
Hello, all. In GRUB2 community we're currently working on a next-generation multiboot specification. It has goals similar to the original multiboot specification but with important flaws fixed: 1) Instead of having bunch of pointers to subtables it uses a tagged structure now. It allows it to be easier expandable, ... 3 Apr 2010 13:43
[PATCH] fix bug in register mci on drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c
Signed-off-by: Wan Wei<onewayforever(a)> --- drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c | 2 ++ 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) diff --git a/drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c b/drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c index aa40dbe..583c1d1 100644 --- a/drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c +++ b/drivers/edac/i7core_edac.c @@ ... 3 Apr 2010 12:36
[tip:perf/core] perf symbols: Fill in pgoff in mmap synthesized events
Commit-ID: 4af8b35db6634dd1e0d616de689582b6c93550af Gitweb: Author: Anton Blanchard <anton(a)> AuthorDate: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 22:53:31 +1100 Committer: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme(a)> CommitDate: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 10:20:31 -0... 3 Apr 2010 12:36