From: Richard Webb on
On Mon 2038-Feb-22 20:11, Krooburg Science writes:
> I find for most of the types of acts I do, the D6 works very well.
> The RE20 was my go to kick mic back in the day, with the 421 right
> behind that (421 on all toms too). It's true the D6 has quite a
> suck-out of the mids which I find lends itself very well to "modern"
> rock as well as the modern PA with good, ballsy subs that reach down
> very low. If you look at the response plot of the D6 on the Audix
> site, it's really carved out in the middle. Back in the 80's and
> earlier, I suspect the D6 would have been more of a detriment since
> you needed more mids for kick definition. And subs in the day didn't
> go a low as a lot of the newer ones - not to mention they didn't get
> as loud if they did go lower. A mic with the big mid suck-out would
> essentially look like it had a big low boost down to 30Hz and a bit
> lower. That could make subs back then a bit unhappy.
<snip remainder for brevity>

I've only used the d6 a couple of times, when someone had
one, and for those applications worked nice.

Your point about the voicing of sr systems now as opposed to then is a big factor. Lots of times we forget that,
especially us recording guys <g>.

I'll have to remember your idea about the d6 on floor toms
too. Might be worth a shot.

I still find no matter what the pa, if both recording and
live sr applications if nothing else seems suitable I can
always get there with the re20 or the old style 421 however

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From: George's Pro Sound Co. on
I must be the only one on earth that has no use for 421s for any
application, new or old, lifeless sound, clumsy to use, very expensive to
replace the clips, nasty off axis response, just a useless mic IMO
btw I have a old TUCHEL connector type vintage 421 for sale 250$, no cable