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Dear Kristain ,

Thanks for posted the info.

I do not have a system installation CD for this computer , as it was already
running windows when I got it. It is a ;legal copy , I have the product key
on the side of the computert. Can you suggest anythikng else? Plz


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> put your system installation CD on the CD-drive, then restart youre pc then
> press F2 go to booting sequence and make the CD-ROM youre primary. thats it
> and follow the steps, repair or install a fresh system. after youre done go
> back to the booting sequence and put it back to its default.
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you will have to borrow a
windows cd from someone
to boot with "or"

the other option is to maybe
make a bootable cd via the

the main problem is that
you can't access the disk
system at this time

however you need to access
the disk system via a bootable
cd in order to try and replace
that corrupted system file.

subsequently, once you are
at the disk prompt >:

you can copy the hal.dll
from :


and then paste into the

windows\system32 folder

or you can find a working copy
of hal.dll on a windows cd
and paste it into the system32
folder on the hard drive.

moreover while you are at
the disk system for the above

I would also run the commands >:

chkdsk /p

then exit, remove cd and
hope you can boot normally

unfortunately, if however, you can
not obtain a bootable disk, then you
may want to purchase a new operating
system from the store or online

or look up the model number for
your laptop at its maker's website
for instructions or faq's on how
to restore the machine back to
its factory state.

there is yet one more option
but may be impossible for you
to do.

you can take that hard disk out
of the machine and install it as
a slave on a functional machine.

then by using the functional
machine you can locate and
copy the hal.dll file onto the
dysfunctional disk.

lastly, you may want to look
up via google or bing on
issues pertaining to "hal.dll"



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"Belprice" <Belprice(a)> wrote in message news:13170B40-696E-49DF-9064-939AC7362E85(a)
> Hi All ,
> I have a Advent Laptop 7109 and a few weeks ago it all went haywire and i
> now can't do anything with it and all I get is a black dos screen and also I
> can't get into safemode or anything. I get the following message:
> The following file is missing windows root\system32\hal.dll
> I don't have a disk for this and tried using a recuse disk one of my friends
> give me , but it did not work. I have the liceience key etc and its a legal
> copy and I am running windows xp media center edition 2005.
> Can anyone please help me.
> ps. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong room.
> Thanks in advance.
> JC