From: CAPT. JOHN on
Does anyone have a Owners/Operators
Manual for sale or know where I can
get one online?
I bought dell CP M233STfrom a private seller. Of course no manual, so
I'm at a loss as to how to power it on.

I'm assuming the button on top of the
keyboard, just left of center, is the power
on/off button? I was able to get the screen
to come on two seperate occasions, but
now it will not. The two "LINE' (of 3] at
the top of the keyboard will come on and
and the first one ( on the left) goes out
in 1 second, and the center light goes
out in in another 5 seconds. The third
green light on the then flashs on/off
a second later. That third light then
proceeds to flash on/off once every
9 seconds. And the screen will not
come on ( Boot? ).

Any and all assistance is greatly
appreciated very much. Thank
you all in advance.

Capt. John