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> Suppose you have 100 Windows XP or 7 PCs, can you get a report
> from the Domain Controller to know which local users are created
> in each PC?

Suppose you have a file that contains the names of all 100 of your
XP computers named "computerlist.txt" (without the leading "\\").
Then you can bring up a command prompt window (start->Run->"cmd")
and enter the command:

for /f %i in (computerlist.txt) do addusers /d nul: \\%i

This will dump all the users and groups on each computer to the
console window. You might want to append-redirect (>>) it to a file.
If you don't have it, the program "addusers.exe" came with an old
resource kit. Make sure it's in your path or specify the path in
the above command. Also, each computer must be powered up and
online to get it to respond to the query (obviously).

You might be able to get a copy of "addusers" here:
or Google it.