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2 problems here.
The lookup value has to be in the first column of the lookup range.
You have to give the offset from the found lookup, for the value you
want to retrieve

=VLOOKUP(E10,'[01-10 Matthews Recycling Plant
Roger Govier

RockCounter wrote:
> Thanks for the links. I've tried Vlookup, lookup, index/match. They all
> return "#N/A." Here's the formula I'm trying. Maybe you can see something
> amiss in the formula?
> =VLOOKUP(E10,'[01-10 Matthews Recycling Plant
> MOCR.xls]Tally'!$A$1:$M$1000,FALSE)
> Where E10 is the alpha numeric, and $A$!:$m$1000 is the range to be searched
> on the external workbook.
> "Bernard Liengme" wrote:
>> Have a look in help at VLOOKUP
>> See also
>> Then come back if more help is needed
>> best wishes
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>> Bernard Liengme
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>> "RockCounter" <RockCounter(a)> wrote in message
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>>> I am using Excel 2007. I need to match an alpha numeric value from one
>>> workbook with the same alpha numeric in a different workbook and have the
>>> formula return the data in the cell adjacent (right side) to the matched
>>> cell. The data in the second workbook will be in a different row each
>>> time I
>>> run it, but the column will be the same. The alpha numeric character to
>>> look
>>> up is in Column D. The data I want to show up is in Column E. Here is an
>>> example:
>>> Data to match: "43005.60 Total"
>>> I want to go to the second workbook, look for "43005.60 Total" (Column D)
>>> and have it give me the $$$ that are shown in Column E.
>>> To make matters more complicated, the files are on different network
>>> drives
>>> and the formulas need to be dummy proof for multiple beginning Excel
>>> users.
>>> I am hoping one of the brilliant forum members here can help me out. You
>>> all seem to know everything about Excel!
>> .