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"Erik Fuyu" <eriknews(a)> wrote in message
> The laptop dropped on the floor in my car. nothing broke, just the laptop
> reboot and the files (word, pictures, mp3s) disappeared. the files are not
> formally deleted since they are not in the recycle bin.

They may not be formally deleted; the situation may be much worse than that.

Remove the drive from the laptop and attach it to another system to which
you have installed recovery software (I use R-Studio) and which has enough
space to contain your entire drive. Never recover to the same drive.

After an experience like this, I'd never trust the drive again. Get a
replacement (where I am, a 250 gig SATA laptop drive is $50) and do a new
install so you can get back to work. Then see if you can migrate your data
back. If not, set it aside till you figure out what to do. If it makes
unexpected noises or hangs your machine, STOP. The matter has progressed
to a stage that requires tools you cannot afford, so you need the services
of someone who has them. These services are not cheap.


> "sgopus" <sgopus(a)> wrote in message
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>> Do a search on Google for retrieving deleted files.
>> I'm suprised only my documents are gone, usually when you drop a laptop,
>> the
>> entire HD fails, and or the screen breaks.
>> "Erik Fuyu" wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> My laptop dropped and suddenly all my documents were gone! Trash can
>>> files
>>> are still there...
>>> Any suggestions on how to retrieve the files?
>>> Thanks!
>>> .