From: Jean Rosenfeld on
Did you save the sound scheme after you'd modified it?

"thricipio" <thricipio(a)> wrote in message
> So. I've been trying to do something on XP Pro, that I know I've done
> before
> with no great difficulty on XP Home: that is, change a couple of the
> sound
> scheme settings - specifically, the "Windows Logoff" and "Windows Logon"
> settings.
> On XP Home, I recall having to go into the "Sounds and Audio Devices
> Properties" dialogue and selecting the desired item (e.g., Windows Logoff)
> and then using the [Browse] button to find the desired .wav file. I can
> do
> that, and I can check that I have the correct .wav file by clicking the
> [>]
> button. So far, so good. But when I actually Logoff/on, I don't get the
> newly selected .wav files.
> I've even renamed the desired .wav files to "Windows Logoff(/on)" and
> placed
> them in the default directory {<root_drive>\Windows\Media} and tested them
> with the [>] button. And that works (as one would expect). But again,
> when
> I logoff and logon, I still get the default Win logoff/on .wav file
> sounds.
> Obviously, I'm missing something basic here. just can't figure out what
> that
> is. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks.
> Color me stymied,
> -Thri