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> "files"? that your problem, you are trying to open more than 1 file. :o)

I only specified one file (short filename too) so perhaps they have a
problem with the parser as well as their English syntax. ;)

-- David

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On Fri, 13 Nov 2009 12:03:27 -0500, Joseph M. Newcomer
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>Has anyone ever encountered the documentation for MASM. Not the useless garbage in the
>MSDN, but real documentation. THe kind that gives the syntax of identifiers, for example,
>or explains what options are available with the OPTIONS directive (not just a list of
>them, but the actual explanations)? Or the syntax of a string, or of an initializer?
>I'm reverse-engineering some of this as I am designing a course in x86 assembly code
>(really! Turns out people need to *read* it), but I'd be happier if I found real
>documentation somewhere.
>The last time I wrote assembler it was for a device driver in MS-DOS, in 1989. But
>apparently some things never go away, such as the need to know it, but nobody teaches it
>any longer.
> joe
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Found through Bing.

Click on the zip icon for an archive of .doc files.
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"Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer(a)> wrote...
> Has anyone ever encountered the documentation for MASM.

You don't mention the version. Besides the masm32 site well pointed
already, for some v6.1x links see for example..

Yes, I do realize the age of v6.1x (the manuals talk at length about 16b
segmentation and TSRs among others) yet surprisingly much still applies.


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On Fri, 13 Nov 2009 23:33:56 -0500, Joseph M. Newcomer
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>It is surprising how horribly bad the documentation is.

I dug around my bookshelves and finally came up with the MASM book I
got with my original Windows SDK. (the big blue and white box)

Title: Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1 Programmer's Guide
Copyright: 1987
Document number: 410610014-500-R00-0787
467 pages.

No bar code, the back has the MS Redmond address and is marked
1287 Part No. 01506

This was my only reference for it for years. You might find a copy of
it on The online copies I cited in my other post actually
get to the nitty gritty a bit more succinctly in the 6.11
documentation and they are more relevant today.
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> name DWORD 30 DUP (1)
> The syntax
> of an identifier is apparently a Microsoft Corporate Secret.

I would not expect to find this in the masm documents.

Isn't this part of the Intel assembly language spec?

All the options, and . directives (like .486, .code, .model flat),
yes, that would be the assembler.
Same for tricks like @@: to automatically generate label names.

Anyway, you might have a point with the value of someone who
knows assembly.
With at bit of luck I might be able to land some well payed job
later one, something like the Y2K boom for the Cobol guys :-D

Mihai Nita [Microsoft MVP, Visual C++]
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