From: 98 Guy on
MEB wrote:

> > Naturally we 98 users have been applying the IE6-SP1 updates and
> > patches to our system that have been made available for win-2k -
> > haven't we?
> Why would "we";

I know you wouldn't, because you don't actually run Windows 98, and
haven't for years.

You are a fraud in these newsgroups because of that.

You know nothing about current best practices and updates regarding
windows 98, because it is not your default OS, and hasn't been for some

You have an axe to grind over IE6 and it's applicability to Windows 98.
One would think that because of that, that you would recommend win-98
users switch to Firefox instead of continuing to run IE6. IE6
is 4 years out-of-date for win-98 users, but Firefox is only 1.5 years
out of date. But you refuse to speak to that point.
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