From: Marts on
Got the missus an MSI Wind U100 Netbook. Nifty bit of gear. She wanted to
install a program on it. But it doesn't like the native resolution of 1024x600.
So, she emailed MSI and asked if it could be changed or how could she get this
program to work.

MSI replied saying to uncheck the option "hide unsupported screen resolutions"
setting, which we did. We changed it to 1024x768.

The monitor seems to be happy with this, despite it being "unsupported". Only
thing is that the desktop moves around the screen a little bit in this

No biggy. We can change it back to 600 after running the program concerned.

Just wondering though, when MSI emailed us this advice it also warned that
changing these settings like this could harm the hardware.

What damage could occur with running it at an unsupported 1024x768?