From: Jepry on
I find that MW Word docs take forever to open if I click on the doc,
and so do any text files and shortcuts on the desktop to various

If I select the MW doc from the list of recent documents from the file
menu of MW, it opens immediately.

"My computer" also opens immediately, so if I click on that I can
navigate to any folder right away, but if I click on a shortcut to it
it takes forever.

I'm on a work-configured laptop on which I'd like to avoid re-
installing XP at all costs.

The result of all this is that I leave folders open and try to have
docs in the recent list, but it's a workaround at best.

I've gone into Norton anti-virus and "excluded" doc and txt files from
scanning as well as excluding the folders I visit, but this hasn't
changed the slow opening.

I'm on a LAN, on a VPN, with wireless turned off. I