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Kenny McCormack <gazelle(a)> wrote:
>I have some old code that uses these symbols (TCGETS, TCSETSF, TCSETSW)
>that I would like to get compiled on MacOSX. None of these symbols
>exist in any of the include files, as far as I can tell.
>These symbols do exist on Solaris and on Linux. What are the MacOS

It turns out the solution is to replace the ioctl() calls with calls to
tcsetattr() and tcgetattr(), and change the symbols to things more
current. Then it "just works".

(This discussion group is about C, ...)

Wrong. It is only OCCASIONALLY a discussion group
about C; mostly, like most "discussion" groups, it is
off-topic Rorsharch [sic] revelations of the childhood
traumas of the participants...