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I am trying to write a macro that would take all the images in a
presentation and ungroup them. However, I cannot get it to work correctly.

Here is the code:

Sub UngroupTheOLEs()

Dim oSlides As Slides
Dim oSld As Slide
Dim oShapes As Shapes
Dim oShp As Shape
Dim oShapeRange As ShapeRange

Set oSlides = ActiveWindow.Presentation.Slides
For Each oSld In oSlides
Set oShapes = oSld.Shapes
For Each oShp In oShapes
If oShp.Type = msoEmbeddedOLEObject Or oShp.Type =
msoLinkedOLEObject Then
Set oShapeRange = oShp.Ungroup
End If
Next oShp
Next oSld

End Sub

I ran through the Step-In process and the compiler appears to be skipping
the actual ungrouping code. Anyone have a suggestion?