From: JLatham on
Another option that I don't think has been mentioned yet:
Use Conditional Formatting on the column to set the font color to the same
color as the cell (usually white) if the value in the cell is zero. This has
the end effect of leaving zero in the cell if you need it for any
calculations such as averaging, but not cluttering up the column with
displayed zeros; and it's a little more precise in affecting only that column
not all worksheets in hiding zeros.

"DeeDeeCee" wrote:

> I have a spreadsheet that makes some calculation in a column, based on
> multiplying numbers entered in 2 other columns. However, for some of the
> rows, there is no "input" data, and so the calculation simply indicates the
> answer is zero. This gives me a column with lots of zero's in the cells. I'd
> prefer there simply to be a blank cell, whenever the result of the formula is
> zero. Is there a way to achieve that?
> Thanks much.
> ddc