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>My computer often redirects me on Google searches and sometimes gives me
>a random pop-up in the form of a new tab

I've seen behavior like this on a machine where the DNS Server has been
hijacked - replaced with some other machine under the control of the "bad
guys". A DNS server is the magic machine out yonder that changes the textual
name you type into a browser (such as into an actual string of
numbers (termed the IP address).

Others might well have a better way of detecting / correcting it if necessary,
but let me first ask: do you have a "My Network Places" icon on your desktop.

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I can access My Network Places. I do not have it as an icon on my
desktop since I like to keep it empty. It is on my start menu.

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>I can access My Network Places.

OK. Right click on it and click Properties. Right click on the "appropriate"
connection - it's probably called "Local Area Connection" - and again click

Doubleclick "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)".

You'll see a dialog box with a single "General" tab. What do you see in the
bottom half. Do you have "Obtain DNS server address automatically" checked,
or is the other item "Use the following DNS server addresses" checked? If the
former, then my theory is wrong. If the latter, please report what, if
anything, is in the Preferred DNS server and in the Alternate DNS server
boxes. If they're blank, once again my theory is inappropriate here.

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Go to Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt

Then type each one of the commands that I gave you followed by the enter key

When you are done close the Command Prompt box and try the windows update
again and see if it works.


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> I'm not tech savvy so I have no idea what your instructions mean. Could
> you dumb it down?
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