From: chris on
chris wrote:
> Chris Whelan wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 09:17:37 +0000, chris wrote:
>>> This month's Linux format comes with the latest version of Mandriva and
>>> I must say I'm extremely impressed!
>>> The only downside I found was that the package manager was crushingly
>>> slow. Sometimes it showed a download speed of ~1kbps, but most of the
>>> time I just thought it had died. I'm considering it as a replacement for
>>> my Mepis install, but not until this is resolved. Does anyone have any
>>> ideas why it would be so slow? BTW web browsing and iplayer viewing ran
>>> smoothly, so it's not a connection issue. TIA
>>> Chris
>> Nope, just installed it and getting between 100 & 650 from the package
>> manager.
> OK. I will have to investigate. Thanks for checking :)

Right. It seems to have been a one off, as over the weekend the package
manager speed was much better.