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Wes Groleau <Groleau+news(a)> writes:

> On 07-08-2010 01:43, BreadWithSpam(a) wrote:
> > I wasn't even thinking about moving the Library intact. Drop any
> > folder full of mp3 and other media files right onto your new iTunes
> > and iTunes will walk the directory and copy the files into the new
> > Library and catalog them for you that way. Of course, actually just
> > moving the Library as you are suggesting is probably faster.
> Maybe not. Unless it's a very big library, the re-import may not
> take longer than finding that file and renaming it. The copying
> should be about the same. The library move, though, will preserve
> any changes the owner has made (editing genre, making playlists,
> album art that iTunes couldn't find, preferences, etc.)

Actually, most of those changes are not stored in the Library but
rather are stored in the media files themselves via ID3 tags. So
changes in genre, album art, etc - should all be preserved.
I think that the only thing that'd get lost are the playlists.

In fact, I use iTunes specifically to modify the ID3 tags on
video files and then immediately remove them from the library.
It's the only reliable ID3 editor I have handy. (If there's
another one which is *only* an ID3 editor, which gives access
to all or most of the fields that iTunes uses, I'd love it.
But as far as I know, there isn't any, at least not any that
are any good or up-to-date or come close to giving you access
to all the fields.)

When I just want to edit the tags, I go to iTunes prefs and
tell it not to copy files into the Library, but to index them
where they already are in the filesystem.
(uncheck Prefs->Advanced->"Copy files to Media Library")
I'd sure like that setting to be visible/settable from the
main screen. I hate it when I forget which way it's set and
a huge video file gets copied into the library unnecessarily.

Plain Bread alone for e-mail, thanks. The rest gets trashed.
From: Chris on
On 07/07/2010 21:56, hounslow3(a) wrote:
> Is there any way to migrate iTunes from my PC to a Mac with my iPhone.
> When I first tried to synch the iPhone onto the new Mac, it knocked off
> everything that was on it.
> Is there anyway that I can get around this?
> Thanks
If you enable home sharing in iTunes on both PC and Mac you can then
tell the Mac to copy everything from the PC.