From: Rüdiger Ranft on
Lars Uffmann schrieb:
> R�diger Ranft wrote:
>>> Loaded "SHLWAPI.DLL" at address 0x77F60000. Successfully hooked module.
>> Welcome in dll hell. Is the build machine the same as the execution
>> machine? Can you execute an example program on the build machine?
> Yes, I only started testing on a different machine *after* execution on
> the build machine failed, and I have successfully compiled, linked and
> executed a simple hello-world-type program on that machine.

You can copy the hello-world to the other machine (without the wx libs),
look for its dependencies with dependency-walker, copy one of its
missing dlls, recheck, copy... until you have found which one of the
libs is causing the problems.

From: Lars Uffmann on
Lars Uffmann wrote:
> Lars (currently trying to build the development snapshot of wxWidgets,
> trying to see if that makes a difference)

Update: Same problem occures with development snapshot of 2.9.0 - now I
am trying different versions of MinGW / MSYS to track this issue down.

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