From: Lars Uffmann on
I am currently trying to see if the other problem I posted here is in
any way reproducible or not with 2.9.0 - so I am building that on a
virtual machine with win XP SP3, on a Debian system 2 GHz CPU (I don't
know how much of that my Debian VirtualBox OSE gives to the VM), and
with 500MB of RAM assigned to the VM.

I could build 2.8.11 just fine, both with
cd wxWidgets-2.8.11
mkdir build-release-shared
cd build-release-shared
../configure --prefix=/mingw --enable-shared
make install
cd wxWidgets-2.8.11
mkdir build-release-static
cd build-release-static
../configure --prefix=/mingw --disable-shared
make install

However, when I try the same with wxWidgets 2.9.0, the make eventually
"hangs" for ages (I have tried 12 hours+) on the final linker process,
where it eats up about 350 Megabytes of memory, and keeps going up to
about 430 Megs, then down again as far as 220 Megs. CPU load is around
2% most of the time, with an occasional spike of up to 70%.

It is definitely using the pagefile, which might be a reason why it may
take longer. But half a day?

The VM hard drive has been showing 1.8 Gigabyte of free space for hours
now, so I doubt this would be an issue, just mentioning it for sake of

Did anyone else link the 2.9.0 recently and had similar issues?

Best Regards,