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I am transitioning to Quicken from Money, and have exported the Money
data and imported it to Quicken. Quicken works except for bill pay
from Quicken, so I am still paying bills using Money. If I try to
Activate Bill Pay directly from Quicken, it fails. The banking
institution is zWachovia. Quicken tells me that it will disconnect my
existing connection will be removed when I activate this. I assume
this means the Money connection. It then tells me to enter the
username and password that I use for the Wachovia website, and it

I called Wachovia online support and they said I needed to use the
online banking username and password, and that fails too. Now they
tell me it's because online bill pay is connected to Money. Before I
disconnect Money from zWachovia bill pay, I'd like to have some idea
if this will fix the issue so I can activate it with Quicken.
Otherwise I will have NO online bill pay through my financial

Anyone been through this scenario?