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Eric J. Holtman wrote:
> "John Pollard" <8plus7isf(a)> wrote in
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>> have everyone believe. What would be your opinion as to why it wasn't
>> done long ago? Quicken programmers are so incompetent that they can't
>> even perform such a trivial exercise?
> Yup. Have they fixed the "flashing bug" yet?
>> Intuit doesn't care about, or
>> listen to, their customers?
> Yup.
>> Intuit is evil?
> Nope. Never attribute to malice that which is
> easily explained as stupidity.

I'm a big Quicken fan. I use it daily, but I don't have a problem seeing
that it has ugly warts.

Free software SBWizard does an outstanding job of handling US Savings
Bonds. After decades, Intuit still can't handle this very widespread way
of investing. Why?

Obviously, the programming for this task wasn't insurmountable. But,
Intuit mucks with a pretty decent user interface every year, while
leaving some very large holes in their ability to handle common

I'd bet that many of the technical issues and limitations with Quicken
could be resolved, or at least improved, but the management doesn't seem
to have that as one of their priorities. They haven't for many years, at
least as far back as the TurboTax DRM debacle.

They bought up or squeezed out their competition, using their
established position in the industry, until they have a virtual monopoly
on consumer financial software. Then, they sat on their laurels for a
decade, issuing new releases with little more than window dressing.