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On 14 Mar, 19:15, lkoumis <lkou...(a)> wrote:
> had same problem and read the posts about discarding the monitor and get a
> new one. then I realized that may be the dvi connection on the monitor may be
> malfunctioning. Lucky me the monitor had the option for vga connection. So I
> connected the computer to the vga port of the monitor through an adaptor
> (dvi-vga) and voila. The monitor is back on again. DVI connections on the
> monitors are notorious how easy they malfunction.
> "yaro137" wrote:
> > I have a Hyundai L90D+ monitor that served me well for the last couple
> > of years till yesterday. It worked as the extended monitor in Dual
> > View recently and all was fine. Suddenly after starting the computer
> > yesterday there was no image on the monitor and the power LED which
> > normally is blue when the monitor is on now keeps blinking orange or
> > goes off completely for a second or so. Most of the time it stays blue
> > though. I have to press the power button a couple of times now to turn
> > it off. Any ideas?
> > yaro
> > .

Can't be it in my case as it goes through that switching cycle without
any video cable connected.