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On Dec 3, 12:12 am, Terry Reedy <tjre...(a)> wrote:
> At the moment (3.1) there are, unfortunately, library packages that
> require % for formatting (logging, I believe, for one). There has been
> discussion on adding a new option for 3.2, but I do not know what will
> happen. Depends on whether you want to be absolutely complete. I
> strictly use .format when I can, which so far is always.

Logging uses %-style formatting because that was all that was
available at the time it was written. A frequent complaint from some
quarters is about the overhead of logging, and so I'm not sure it's a
good idea to switch over from %-formatting to str.format just for the
sake of it, unless a way can be found which avoids the problems of
lower performance and backwards compatibility (e.g. a foolproof %-
string to {} converter, which I've had a stab at, but which cannot be
achieved without changes to the {} code, e.g. to allow old-style octal
constants). As far as logging is concerned I'll be periodically
looking to see if moving over to the new format without performance/
backwards compatibility compromises is feasible, and when it is I'll
adopt the new format.

For now, AFAIK, people who are determined to use the {}-format can do
so by subclassing logging.Formatter and by passing in message classes
which convert format-string and args to final message. It's a one-time
cost they'd incur (to write the relevant subclasses) which could be
used on multiple projects.


Vinay Sajip
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