From: JarrE on

We (the University of Oslo) have a problem concerning Thunderbird
(Eudora, Zimbra, Postbox or otherwise using Mozilla code-base).

The problems is only for 32-bit Windows an is that Thunderbird logs on if
TLS-security is set to Off on the IMAP-server.
If set to 'Only' (as we use) or 'On' Thunderbird fails.

We have tested using imap-servers:
nginx 0.8.35
nginx 0.7.65
cyrus imapd 2.2.12
courier imapd 4.4.1

and clients:
Postbox (newest)
Thunderbird 3.x
Zimbra (newest stable)
Eudora (8.0 b9)
Seamonkey (newest)

Can anyone out there see if they can reproduce the problem (or say 'we
have TLS-security set to on on imap-server X and do not see this problem')?