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Maurice wrote:
> Hello:
> which is better Mozilla Firefox or IE8?
> thanks

Firefox will give your cat warts. If you don't have a cat, or don't mind one
with warts, you should be okay.

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Be informed not opinionated.
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> On 03 Jul 2010, "Unknown" <unknown(a)unknown.kom> wrote in
> microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:
>> Ever hear of AdblockIE? How is that an advantage to avoid IE?
>> Be informed not opinionated.
> Adblock Plus is more mature and works better than Adblock IE, so I
> hear.
> Firefox has prettier themes.
> Top posters have poor personal hygiene.

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On 05 Jul 2010, Billns <billns(a)> wrote in

> You better put a smiley after that comment. There's no proof of
> such...

No need for smilies, it's common knowledge. Top posters also tend to
talk with their mouths full and walk around with their flies unzipped.
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"Maurice" <morisaab(a)> wrote in message
> Hello:
> which is better Mozilla Firefox or IE8?
I wouldn't know, I have only used Internet Explorer 8 and its predecessors.
It seems to be just as secure as any other browser including Firefox.

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Bottom Feeder Net Nanny HoopleHead!

: Top posters have poor personal hygiene.