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"robert.m" <robert.matlenski(a)> wrote in message
>> You probably should remove the failed driver before trying to install
>> a new driver.
>> Look for an uninstall item on the Start menu of the driver you
>> currently have installed.
>> There may be an item in the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Use
>> that if the item in the Start Menu is missing.
> I've done that every time before installing new one.
>> I can give you the address to download the latest drivers for your
>> scanner. Since Mustek asks for the first two letters/digits of the
>> serial number, I can not confirm that the correct software is
>> actually there.
>> Click on Drivers.
>> On the next page, first dropdown, choose ScanExpress Series. Click GO.
>> On this page click USB-Port. That will take you to a list of models,
>> one is yours.
> This one is different from ones I've tried by now. One of more important
> differences is that it works. Thank you. How did you come to idea to look
> for the drivers at the german site. How did you find them? I tought that I
> could rely on official mustek site ( but obviously I was
> wrong.
>> One very important point, in the installation, you will likely get a
>> screen in Windows XP that says, something to the effect "This driver
>> is not digitally signed", Click "Continue Anyway".
> This is also clear. I've seen this dialog with other hardware.
>> You also need some Photo editor/viewer software to access the TWAIN
>> driver and to scan images.
>> If you don't have a Photo Editor, Download the free Irfanview and
>> Plug-ins.
>> Irfanview has a TWAIN interface for scanners. File > Select Source
>> the first time you use Irfanview with your scanner.
>> Then File > Acquire to open the TWAIN driver.
> Thank you for the info CSM1. I have IrfanView installed along with
> Photoshop
> and Abbyy Fine Reader (which is the reason I need the scanner to work).

You are welcome.

Abbyy Fine Reader is very good OCR engine.

I like Irfanview for most of my scanning, I also have Adobe Photoshop
Elements 3, and I use Omnipage Pro 15 for my OCR. For PDF creation I use PDF

I found the German site many years ago, they are the manufacturer for the
Mustek brand scanners. The web site in the USA is not well maintained.

The thing that I was very happy to see on the German site, was the English
pages and the English drivers.