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On 5/15/2010 1:39 PM, James wrote:
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>>>>> I am trying to help someone who is using Internet Explorer 8, Windows
>>>>> XP Pro. but when they click on "My Pictures" it does not show the
>>>>> images in the folder, but only the URLs of the images. How can that be
>>>>> changed so it will show the images in the My Pictures folder?
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> James
>>>> Does the window have the lower case "e" icon for the Internet Explorer
>>>> browser or the file folder with a picture sticking out of it that
>>>> indicates the window is generated by the Windows Explorer file
>>>> management application? You should be seeing the Windows Explorer icon.
>>>> You should also be getting a pane with a blue background in the left
>>>> side of the Windows Explorer window with options for things like "View
>>>> as a slide show" and "Copy all items to a CD"
>>>> Windows Explorer has different display views. Look for a pull down on
>>>> its tool bar that features an icon that looks like a miniature of the
>>>> window. The Filmstrip and Thumbnail views will show miniature versions
>>>> of the graphics in the folder. The same view options should be available
>>>> in the second section of Windows Explorer's View menu.
>>>> Note that the title bar icon for Windows Explorer might have other
>>>> things protruding from the file folder or just a file folder when it's
>>>> displaying other folders on your hard drive. When showing "My Computer"
>>>> Windows Explorer might even show an icon depicting a CRT equiped
>>>> computer system.
>>>> The browser will usually include "- Windows Internet Explorer" after the
>>>> page title defined by the web site developer. When displaying a page or
>>>> graphic on YOUR computer the title bar will display the file path and
>>>> file name (space permiting).
>>> Maybe I didn't explain this well e enough. When you click on My
>>> Pictures in the Start menu, the window showing the thumbnails doesn't
>>> appear-so I never get the window with the images, I only get a list of
>>> urls-and we need to see the window in My Pictures containing the
>>> images.
>>> James
>> Please respond with information about which application (Windows
>> Explorer or Internet Explorer) is displaying the "URLs". You should be
>> able to use the information I provided earlier about title bar icons,
>> text on the title bar ( is "- Windows Internet Explorer" present?) and
>> the presence or not of that list of options on the left side of the
>> window to determine which application is generating the window.
>> While they both utilize some of the same code libraries, Windows
>> Explorer and Internet Explorer are certainly two different applications.
>> Normally clicking "My Pictures" results in a Windows Explorer window. In
>> many of the views the listing contains the file names of the pictures
>> (like "dcs00132.jpg" or "clouds.bmp"). Depending on the active "view"
>> the window may also contain icons representing the application that will
>> be used to open or edit the picture OR a reduced size "thumbnail"
>> version of the picture. Many people would reserve the term "URL" for
>> pictures and other files stored on a remote computer like a web site.
>> "My Pictures" would normally be on your computer's hard drive.
>> Internet Explorer normally displays a single picture (often with a file
>> name ending with .jpg or .gif). or a web page. A web page displayed in
>> Internet Explorer MIGHT display a list of pictures and/or URLs, but
>> clicking "My Pictures" normally doesn't result in the display of a web page.
>> It IS possible for Windows Explorer to list the file names in a folder
>> (pictures or other types) without displaying thumbnails or the larger
>> version of the application associated with the file. That situation
>> would normally be a result of using list or details view. If your
>> computer is using Windows Explorer the information in my earlier post
>> explains how to switch to Thumbnails view.- Hide quoted text -
>> - Show quoted text -
> If I click on START> MY PICTURES-I do not get the window with showing -
> instead I only get a list of URLs beside where I clicked on my
> pictures in the start menu. How do I make the My Pictures window
> appear with the images.
> Thanks
> James

You previously said you were getting a list in a window. Which is it, a
window or another column popping up to the right of the start menu? If
it's a window PLEASE respond with the COMPLETE text content of the title
bar at the top of that window. If a window appears when you click "My
Pictures" does it have a menu bar?

You keep mentioning URLs. URLs usually start with protocol
specifications like "http:" or "https:" (look for the colon). URLs for
pages or images on web sites offten include "www." and/or slashes. Do
the items on your list include any of these character sequences?

Depending on your Windows OS settings the FILES listed in a Windows
Explorer window MIGHT have a three letter file extension at the end
after a period. The most common file extension for digital photographs
is ".jpg". Does the listing on your screen after you click "My
Pictures"show any file extensions? Do the items in the list include
slash or backslash characters? Does each line start with a little
application icon? Are there column headings like "Name", Size" or "Type"
at the top of the list? Does the list include a column that look like dates?

Since clicking "My Pictures" normally doesn't bring ip anything that can
list URLs, I'm concerned that you've read that term somewhere and are
mis-applying that term to the file names in a Windows Explorer window
set to "Details" or "List" view. IF the type of view is changed by the
user, Windows ussualy (but not always) remembers that view setting the
next time you open or explore that folder.

Please RIGHT CLICK "My Computer" on the second column of the start menu.
Click "Explore" in the resu;ting context menu. Is there a "My Documents"
listed in the left window pane? If so, click the little plus sign to the
left of it. New items should appear between "My Documents" and "My
Computer" AND the plus sign next to "My Documents" should turn into a
minus sign. One of those items will normally be a duplicate "My
Pictures" (Windows tends to have duplicate ways of getting to the same
place). Clicking the TEXT of this "My Pictures" should result in a
listing of that folder's contents appearing in the right pane of the
Windows Explorer window. As I previously indicated the precense of
thumbnails can be turned on and off with the "View" column of the menu
OR the View drop down on the tool bar (an icon that looks like a little
window is next to it).