From: Sebastian on
No changes in NAV 2009.

SDK will move into managed code in next version and then compatible on 64x.

"Darren Beetlestone" wrote:

> The last I heard was that the Nav SDK cannot be installed onto 64bit
> platforms.
> This meant that anyone upgrading a system to a 64bit server, where a NAS was
> installed on the same machine would create problems if the NAS was using SDK
> components (ComCom, MSMQ etc).Installing the NAS onto a 32bit machine steps
> around the problem.
> Has the SDK in NAV2009 addressed this?
> My question is, Is it possible to install the Nav SDK onto a 64bit machine
> (SBS2008 for example), use the NAS and be able to run code utilising the MSMQ
> - Bus Adpater & CommunicationComponent?