From: Rick Lones on
Pasan Indeewara wrote:
> ho,
> I need to count moving objects per minute in a video stream. I'm
> currently using Aforge.NET. But unfortunately I could not find a way to
> do this using Aforge.NET. I checked their forums/Code project examples
> as well and no luck. Please help me on this.... We're stuck :( being
> unable to count moved objects across the video frame.
> Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

I don't know anything about Aforge.NET in particular, but you are not likely to
find something like this built into .Net (or any other general framework, I
would think). When you get into interpreting video frame content then you are
talking about custom image processing. Security applications, e.g., use
software which can do things like recognizing that a person sat down on a bench
with a package and then left without the package. The processing you require
MAY be relatively simple compared to something like that (although identifying
and counting discrete objects sounds a lot harder to me than just detecting
motion, at least in general) or maybe not; but either way it sounds like you are
firmly in the province of third-party or custom software with your requirement.

Video servers can be configured to, e.g., begin recording frames when motion is
detected. You may even be able to specify what parts of the frame are relevant
for triggering the recording. But this does not sound sufficient for your
requirement. And of course you have to buy the video server to get the
configuration utilities.

I'd be surprised if you can find a decent free package which does things such as
you describe. Fancy image processing capability is big business in the security
arena these days. I kind of doubt that the people who can do it are just giving
it away.

What is your application, exactly? Maybe someone can suggest a better way.