From: karch on
Can anyone explain to me what #NETCF_AGL_BASE windows are and when they are
created? I have a very weird (and urgent) problem going on in my application
and I'm running out of debugging ideas.

My application spawns a number of threads on startup, each of them starts up
various services. The strange thing is that tons of these NETCF_AGL_BASE
windows end up getting created (and never destroyed) as my application runs.
The windows are always located at (-2000, -2000) and are of size (200, 200).
Nowhere in my code do I specify anything like this, which makes me think
that its something that CF or Windows Mobile is doing under the hood.

Now, the problem with this whole issue is that eventually my device runs out
of memory because of all these invisible windows that are created.

I am wondering if the compact framework is spawning windows to handle the
threads, then never destroying them. Another possibility is that compact
framework is working just fine and somewhere I am getting tripped up in the
closing of the threads. In any case, does anyone know anything about these
mysterious 200,200 windows that *seem* to be created in response to thread
creation. Any insight is greatly appreciated.