From: John on
I have created a database to track demographic information for our surgical
patients. The simple information entry works great (name, address, surgeon,
date of surgery etc..). The staff now wants to add the followup portion into
the database. They call the patient one day after surgery, one week after
surgery and one month after surgery asking the same questions each time they
call. I created a form with all of the questions they ask with check boxes
and a comment field as well as a field that will automaticly input todays
What the staff want is to not write over the data when they call the patient
at their one week follow up or be able to add new data to a blank form if the
patient calls with a question. Basicly what they want is to open the patients
record, go to the form and fill in the information from the first followup
and save the information. When they call one week later, they want to review
the old information but have a new blank form with the same fields and the
new date to enter that contact information in etc......