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I have finally found a solution to extremely slow network printer
problems which had me baffled for weeks. My network printers (Brother
MFC-8890DW) had suddenly become excruciatingly slow to the point of
almost unresponsive. It took a few minutes to 30 minutes to print any
single page, if at all. I was also having the same problem at my office
with some of the network printers (Brother MFC-8660DN and Brother
MFC-8460N). Other network printers such as Xerox Phaser 8560 and Canon
MP990 were not affected.

I had read everything on the internet and tried all of them without
success. Finally, I took my laptop and the printer to a neighbor and
plugged in both to his network to see if the network would make any
difference. Sure enough, IT DID! It was working just fine spitting out
pages promptly at high speed. I noticed that he was using an older
D-Link router while I was running a D-Link DIR-655. I came home and
started going through router settings to turn off all optional settings
one at a time while checking to see if the printer would respond by
sending a test page after each change in the router settings.

When I finally got to Advanced DNS Service (Optional, under internet
settings) and turned it OFF, my network printer suddenly started working

I then started turning on other router settings which I turned off
earlier, again testing the printer after each change. In my case,
Advanced DNS Service was the only service I needed to turn off. All
other optional features such as QoS Engine, SPI (stateful packet
inspection, in the firewall settings), Anti-Spoof checking, and UPnP did
not block the printer even when they were all turned ON.

If you have exhausted all other options, you might want to take a deeper
look into your router settings.

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