From: Will on
Will wrote:
> Weavertech89 wrote:
>> Have you tried to reset your router? freshing the network switch in your
>> services, control panel -> administrator tools -> serviced. find the
>> networking switches all if you need to and refresh them as well as you
>> DHCP. clean out you temps and cookies in internet opition. or manual in
>> the harddrive. my computer -> view -> folder opitions -> view tab ->
>> check the show all folders -> click harddrive -> windows -> temp ->
>> delete all in folder if can -> back out two time and go into doument and
>> settings -> go into all the user's and delete everything in the local
>> setting folder.
> Hi,
> Have tried what you suggested, but still no good.
> Why can't my m/c not "see" my router, it can see everybody else's!
> The router's working as I've tried it with another m/c.
> It's been working this way for a long time now.
> Regards,
> Will.

Hi again,

I think what you've advised has worked. The problem now is I connect for
several minutes then I'm disconnected, and on it goes, connecting then
being disconnected.