From: John H Meyers on
New name (Eudora OSE) and new release (1.0rc1) of "Thundora"

From: John H Meyers on
On 7/9/2010 10:26 PM, Michel Bero wrote:

> I've tried. Runs perfectly but still didn't find how
> managing separately multiple accounts as true Eudora does.
> So not ready to leave old Eudora for Eudora OSE.

What do you mean by "managing separately multiple accounts"?

Thunderbird's account settings are more complete and flexible
than "classic" Eudora's, although much else in Thunderbird
leaves "classic" Eudora still superior, IMO.

By the way, posting a release announcement
is not a recommendation to switch --
just informing those who may have been waiting for news.

From: John H Meyers on
On 7/13/2010 12:45 AM:

> I mean the possibility to get messages only for one account at a time

In Thunderbird or "Eudora OSE" (Thundora):

Select any individual account, then click "Read Messages" in its large menu.
Right-click any individual account and choose "Get Messages"
"File" > "Get New Messages for..." (select from the menu)

Each account also has its own independent "Server settings" for:
o Automatically download new messages [like "Check mail" in Eudora]
o Fetch headers only [like "Fetch all message headers to In mailbox"]
o Check for new messages at startup
o Check for new messages every [nn] minutes.
["classic" Eudora assumes the first when the second is non-zero]

From: Julian Y. Koh on
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In article <4C2E8023.2040903(a)nomail.invalid>,
John H Meyers <jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid> wrote:

> New name (Eudora OSE) and new release (1.0rc1) of "Thundora" is the new Eudora compared with Classic Eudora? I'm still getting
along with 6.2.4 on Mac OS X 10.6.4, and it's still OK, but not great. I
don't want to give up too much functionality with a migration to a new
client though.



Julian Y. Koh
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From: John H Meyers on
On 7/14/2010 10:55 AM, Julian Y. Koh wrote:

> is the new Eudora compared with Classic Eudora?

There is no comparison :)

On the other hand, E-OSE is comparable to Thunderbird (which it is),
so the comparison is basically between Thunderbird and Eudora, FWIW.

Mac Eudora has its own differences from Windows Eudora,
to add to the difficulty of making one comparison for everyone,
besides the fact that different people care different amounts
about different characteristics of each program.

Certain things that classic Eudora never did well, or at all (handle all languages
with UTF-8, forward all HTML email exactly as received) are fine in Thunderbird,
while other things at which Eudora excels may leave Thunderbird wanting.

> I don't want to give up too much functionality
> with a migration to a new client

You can install and use E-OSE in parallel with classic Eudora,
since they use no files or data in common,
which could give you all the personalized answers you may need,
by direct experience.

If you already have Thunderbird installed,
E-OSE and Thunderbird may share the same data ("profile"),
although the program files are entirely separate.

Use "Leave mail on [POP] server" to share incoming POP mail between clients.

"Bcc:" outgoing mail to yourself to keep copies in other clients.

One day this will all be moot, anyway,
as the entire world stampedes toward Gmail :)


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