From: Heikki Toivonen on
Jeffrey Gaynor wrote:
> A final question -- how widely is M2Crypto used? Since I will have to now pitch
>to our group that this is preferable the first questions they will ask
are about
>stability, who is using it and how secure is it really, especially
since it is
>at version 0.20.2 (i.e. no major release yet).

The M2Crypto homepage lists dozens of applications and libraries that
use M2Crypto. Additionally I believe certain Linux distros use it as
more or less required piece. I know it has been used at some of the
world's most largest companies.

As for version number, that is pretty much irrelevant in open source.
Take a look at the number and frequency of releases, how long the
project has existed and so forth, and community around the project.

M2Crypto is over 7 years old, has had at least one release a year, and
although it doesn't have a large community around it, most of the
changes over the last few years have been submitted by someone else than
the maintainer.

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