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ASAAR;42386 Wrote:
> On 15 Apr 2007 12:59:51 -0700, BHawk wrote:
> >> As fast as you like. But the camera won't write the photos any
> faster than
> >> the maximal camera write speed.
> >
> > BHawk wrote: ditto to above I think... Yea, I read about that... the
> > 4X, 8X, 16X seems to only have to do with the transfer rate from the
> > chip to the PC.... transfer speed.
> No, it can effect both transfer rates if the card speed is low
> enough. Those 4x, 8x and 16x speeds are quite slow, but the CP885
> is *very* slow writing to cards. Those are speeds you used to see
> in cards about 6 years ago. Now most cards are probably close to
> 40x, with some I've seen as fast as 150x. My first camera memory
> card was a "high speed" 48MB 4x CF card and sold for about $80.
> These days you can get a card 20 times larger and much faster for
> about $10. According to DPReview the CP885 took almost a minute to
> write just a bit less than 10MB of images to its card. Unless I've
> made a calculation mistake that would require about a 12x card to
> allow the camera to write without slowing down. So your CP880 might
> be held back if you're using a 4x or 8x card.
> How many memory cards do you own? If they're a mix of speeds, you
> may be noticing a slowdown over the years if you started with a
> small 8x or 16x card and later bought a larger 4x card.
> Alternatively, if you originally had the CP885 take 1024x768 Basic
> jpg files and later started saving 2048x1536 Fine jpg files you
> might also have noticed a slowdown. To see how fast the camera can
> write images to flash cards you should try to buy or borrow a card
> that's at least 16x, which shouldn't be too difficult as cards that
> slow are hard to find these days. :)

like said by others shutterlag and writing speed are set in the factory
and cannot be upgraded by memory or batteries.

the most coolpixes are rather slow , a fast card helps only in being
able to get the best writing performances , but it will not increase the
writing speed faster than the factoty default

if you buy a sandisk ultra II card it will adapt to type I speed , but
i think that you only notice it when transfering it to the pc