From: NoOp on
On 02/09/2010 10:24 AM, Lars Nooden wrote:
> Alexandro Colorado wrote:
>>> I haven't looked at Gnumeric in 5 years, it's gotten a stigma lately
>>> and does not support ODF. It used to compare favorably to StarOffice,
>>> before OOo. ODF support is must-have and it may be that OOo is the only
>>> current option. Though there's been a lot of improvement to Koffice.
>> I dissagree, KOffice is a much better alternative than Gnumerics -
> That's what I was getting at: KOffice has improved a lot. What was
> missing was a statement that it was already rather good.
> It's OOo's main complementary suite.

Rolls eyes...

$ sudo apt-get purge koffice

works for me.

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