From: "b.haezewindt" on
Hi !

I am a retired French teacher/lecturer and I wish to create free readers in
French out of copyright- free texts.

In order to do so, I am trying to get existing texts to be "proofread"
through a proofing tool made up of a limited corpus of words (1500 words for
Basic French level One and 3000 words for level Two). Proofing any given
text with either limited words vocabularies, I expect that the words not
belonging to basic French will be highlighted and I shall change them for
words which exist in the limited corpus or rewrite in a simpler way the
sentence they appear in.

I have created two text files in the Open Office 3 proofing tool, called FF1
and FF2 (Fundamental French 1 and 2) and placed them in the appropriate
folder "Open Office 3 Wordbook". I have pasted 1300 words and 3500 words
respectively in the text files, FF1 and FF2.

When I want to "proof" any given text, I cannot activate the basis French

Can you help?

I think my idea could be of some use to any modern language tutor wishing to
provide simplified materials which could interest their students, be it as a
group or individually.

I hope you can help.

Best regards

Bernard Haezewindt