From: Lars Nooden on
Drew Jensen wrote:
> just passing this along - I'd say from everything I'm reading that this
> is all still way high up in the air...but here is the scuttle-but of the
> day

Here is what it is about It is about going backwards:

"application compatible with most common Microsoft formats ..."

AbiWord does not support OpenDocument Format:

Gnumeric has partial support, but probably not enough to be useful or
interoperable with other applications:

The nearly non-existent support for the OpenDocument Format in both
AbiWord and Gnumeric has been intentional. Some of that is due to waste
of resources on the still undefined, dead end MOOX. Prior to that MOOX
trip, both were rather good applications.

In other packages for the UNR, there are similar agendas manifesting.
The use of Tomboy in place of Knotes, Gettingthingsgnome, Basket, Gnote
or Zim is more of the same.

Some of the agendas appear to be about a race to the bottom or at least
cutting off at the knees a good distro. Other agendas appear to be
nothing more than pushing out non-Microsoft formats and ways whenever
and wherever possible.

So, in hindsight how did Mark lose control of Ubuntu, can it be fixed,
could better judgment from Jono in choosing volunteers have helped?


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