From: Maurice on
Hi Dennis,

You are right, i do try to be honest in this case. Take it from me if
something doesn't work or acts like a bug i'll report it to MS. Sure there
will be issues when the new release is there. Sure there are a lot of issues
with the various windows os's but then again the fixes are always there. In
this specific post i was referring to the points Alcsy8 made and those points
are pretty critical. What i meant to say was that those issues will be
resolved. So summary; yes there will be issues and sometimes they do resolve
them, sometimes they don't. My experience is that the ones that are not
resolved are bugs that appear in verys specific scenarios. Then again the
final release will never be bugfree take that from me. From my point of view
that can never be the case because the software is developing and has to be
backward compatible as well... bound to be that there will be hickups in that
Maurice Ausum

"Dennis" wrote:

> Maurice,
> You have a good point. But I wonder, were there a couple of thousand tester
> for Windows ME and Vista? Did they fix all of the bugs before they released
> it? No.
> And which operating system crashed while Bill Gates was showing off the
> release version (I think) to a large audience?
> Granted ME was much worse the Vista with the bugs, but still.
> Hopefuly Microsoft has learned from it past. I realize that this is a
> Microsoft forum, but we also need to be honest.
> Dennis