From: Bob on
On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:40:34 -0800, DaveC <invalid(a)> wrote:

|>> If the picture is consistently misexposed, then the exposure-compensation
|>> control (assuming the camera has one) should fix the problem.
|>Compensation doesn't fix the problem, it fixes the symptom. The problem
|>The compensation range on this camera is +/- 2 stops and this is not enough.

I had the same problem with all my Cokin Flashes, they had a -4 stop
problem, so I fixed the exposure meter with incremental chromatic layers of
black marker touches...

But a mere +/- 2 stop is a good range if you shoot negs (C41) rather
than Slides (E6)....

|>> If it doesn't, then the camera needs repair or replacement.

A big step, they might find other problems....the time spent can be
quite high, and the proper meter sensor too.

|>I'm asking questions to find out what the cause is. Repair options to be
|>considered after this is determined.

They might cost you a bit much these days...oh but wait, there are
camera repair schools where you are or mail-out?

From: Bob on
On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 13:48:21 -0800, DaveC <invalid(a)> wrote:

|>> Does the camera have an exposure setting in addition to the +/- two F-
|>> stops?

Can you fool the light sensor a few stops then...might cost you a
bit of film a few NOTES to compare after slide/neg development...